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Are You looking for a massage therapy that will treat the underlying cause of your pain rather than just alleviating the symptoms?

Do you engage in regular sports or other leisure activities and want to enhance performance and prevent injury?

Would you like to feel less stressed, healthier, more relaxed?

I specialize in advanced massage and bodywork for pain relief, recovery from injury and relaxing mind and body and am committed to helping my clients reach their own personal goals.

I help individuals from all walks of life and interests who all come to value the benefit of a high quality, professional massage treatment.


“All my treatments are outcome based and designed to benefit the individual needs of my clients”

Massage is an integral element of family life in Indonesia and forms part of a natural health system similar to Ayurveda.

This is a full body massage treatment using techniques handed down by healers to restore health and re-balance the body.

The coconut tree is considered to be the tree of life and coconut oil is commonly used for Balinese massage . I use best quality virgin oil blended with ginger to give warmth to its cooling properties and aid relaxation and deep tissue work.

The massage begins dry with compression and myofascial stretches to warm up the tissues and ease tension in the body followed by skin rolling to release fascial restrictions and acupressure to unblock stagnant energy.

Deep tissue work then follows to release strain patterns within the muscles, ease joint pain and strip out blocked energy. Traditionally coins were used to run along the energy lines, a method believed to be highly effective in releasing toxins. Eastern cultures believe feeling pain during a treatment is a positive sign of the effectiveness of the massage and that the body will heal itself much faster. This massage has been adapted to work within your pain threshold!

This is a great treatment for those who prefer a stronger, firmer massage as well as sports people and those who suffer from chronic muscle tension, poor circulation, low energy, depression or IBS.

You will usually feel relaxed and energized after one treatment. For optimal results regular treatments are recommended.

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Using Frangipani oil -

  • Frangipani is also associated with love in feng shui.
  • In modern Polynesian culture, the frangipani can be worn by women to indicate their relationship status – over the right ear if seeking a relationship, and over the left if taken.
  • In India the frangipani is a symbol of immortality because of its ability to produce leaves and flowers even after it has been lifted out of the soil. It is often planted near temples and graveyards, where the fresh flowers fall daily upon the tombs.
  • In Vietnam the frangipani is used for its healing qualities: the bark, mashed in alcohol, prevents skin inflammation, it is also used to treat indigestion and high blood pressure, while the roots have purgative effects on animals and the milk-like sap serves as a balm for skin diseases. The white flowers are used in traditional medicine to cure high blood pressure, haemophilia, cough, dysentery and fever.



Traditional Chinese Foot MassageFoot.1

What is Foot massage?
Foot massage is one of the most unbelievably relaxing treats that you can give yourself or others. The ultimate study of foot massage is reflexology.

Foot reflexology is “pressure therapy” and involves applying focused pressure to certain known reflex points located in the foot to cure or prevent disease. Foot reflexology is based on the premise that our nerve zones or reflex points go from the bottom of our feet to the top of our head, encompassing all vital organs on the way. A trained reflexologist can put pressure on different meridiens or energy lines on the sole and side of the feet to determine the cause of illness.

What are the benefits of Foot massage?
Each part of the foot is reputedly linked to another, often distant, part of the body, with influence extending not just to the muscles but also to the vital organs as well.

There are many benefits of this type of massage, including the most basic: it feels good. The feet are many times the hardest worked of all body parts. They are what hold your weight up all day long, and the longer you walk or stand, the more tired they will become. By receiving a foot massage, the patient can experience relaxation as well as pain relief.
As well as the most basic benefits, there are many other benefits to foot massage as well. Take zone reflex therapy as an example: the belief in this type of foot massage therapy is that the beginning of all reflex zones is in the feet, and by rubbing and manipulating these areas of the feet, healing can occur. Based on this belief, a regular foot massage could also have healing qualities because the necessary zones may be rubbed and manipulated (even if it is unintentionally).
Another benefit is the release of stress. There have been studies performed on patients of heart surgery that showed there was a significant decrease in the stress of patients after a foot massage. This could mean that a foot massage not only causes relaxation due to less stress, but better health as well. Since heart disease is linked with mental well-being (i.e. too much stress can lead to a heart attack), the foot massage can be indirectly causing better overall health, as well as recovery and prevention.

Histroy of foot massage
Foot massage or foot reflexology has a Chinese origin. It dates back to more than 3,000 years ago and is used in the prevention and cure of many health ailments. Some say foot massage dates back to ancient Eygyptian times due to archaeological findings in cave drawings in Egypt.

The principle of foot massage rests in the premise that the meridian network connects all tissues, organs and cells in our body. Each organ in the body is connected to a specific reflex point on the foot through the intermediary of 300 nerves.

A trained foot reflexologist can put pressure on different meridians or energy lines on the sole and side of the feet to determine the cause of illness. By using pressure to these the reflex points, a foot massage is good for stimulating the activity of internal organs, and improving blood and lymph circulation. The top to bottom well being of a person can be made through the foot.

The principles of foot massage are not in congruence with western allopathic medicine. Western medicine sees the foot as a body part comprising of bones, ligaments and joints. However, foot massage is fast gaining much popularity and acceptance as an alternative health Treatment, Fans of foot massage believe it can cure not only colds and minor ailments, but more serious ailments as well. These ailments include liver dysfunction, constipation problems, chronic headaches, skin allergies, etc.

Like most Oriental medical techniques, foot reflexology is a holistic treatment. It concentrates on treating the whole person rather than just the symptoms of one particular ailment.

While Western medicine promises speedy recovery of all unpleasant symptoms, foot massage therapy can be slow and gradual. A series of visits is necessary to strengthen the body and to bring the body back to balance.

Winter Glow Therapy – Rejuvenate your Body

Conveniently located in the ever-so-popular and exclusive Salon in Sunningdale ( Tableview) This Boutique style Beauty Salon – A’dora @ Home is a trendy and well-known establishment. The Vintage decor creates a gloriously luxurious space where our Ladies will be transported to a state of well-being and relaxation. The philosophy of excellent service accompanied by professional and impeccably trained staff is an important factor contributing to the success of this exclusive Health & Beauty Salon.


Biomultiforce anti-aging treatment with retinol, hyaluronic acid and lacto-proteins for a deep and visible wrinkle reducing action. An exclusive massage to face, neck, shoulders and arms enhances benefits and relaxation.

Pride yourself on taking care of yourself in the best way possible – with some me-time, designed to restore, rejuvenate and relax all those tired cells in your system, restoring them to their former glorious form!

At A’dora, the ultra-amazing, exclusive to woman only salon aspires to attend to all those parts of you that scream for some expert hands to melt away the tension that the days, weeks and months relentlessly burden you with.

A'dorable Tan

Sunbed Session R400 for 10 session of 10 min. Book Today and pay R150 for your first 10 sessions this winter to keep your summer glow.



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Hot stone massage a deeply soothing and pleasant treatment that performs an important detoxifying, relaxing and draining action due to the use of heated basalt stones with therapeutic essential oils. It relieves muscle pain, increases the body metabolism and relaxes the tissue. a body peeling is recommended before the treatment. 1h30 R450


Exclusively Woman Only Establishment

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We  are exclusive to woman only Establishment with the exception of Couples Therapy

We specialize in Skin Therapy using only the latest breakthrough in Skin Sience with Comfort Zone – Italian Regimen that improves the health of your skin within 30 days. 

1.Tranquility Aroma Ritual Massage -  1h30  R900

Includes a Facial Treatment
2. Sports Massage 45min R220
3. Express Package R650 now R450

4. Solarium Tanning Single Sessions (R8 per Minute):             

5 Minutes : R40 6 Minutes : R48 7 Minutes : R56 8 Minutes : R64

Packages R350 ( normal R450 ) for 10 sessions.




As you would expect we have gone for the most exclusive Product Regimen that prides itself in being the latest  breakthrough in Skin Care science and Technology. 


COMFORT ZONE  guarantees visible results within 30 days of use of there Skin Regimen Home Care in conjunction with there Facial Program of  2 – 6 Longevity Facials.




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The essential lifestyle Guide for skin longevity and beauty.

Today, it is very clear that correct nutrition, physical activity, the help of dietary supplements to improve organ function, along with a topical application of the latest skin care breakthroughs, are equally vital components needed for optical health of our skin.

Moreover, stress management remains a crucial component to our overall health.  This remains a grossly underappreciated fact and our lives should be  reconsidered taking that fact more into account,  if we want to live healthier and longer lives.


I would never have imagined that mind-body balance, mental wellness and stress management science, would have such a crucial impact on the overall aging process of human beings. My intuition is that each one of us should not underestimate the relationship between stress and all its different expressions and the phenomenon of aging.”

It is without a doubt that we live longer and better today than ever before. We have defeated many diseases thanks  to modern medicine, which is more and more refined and technology based. This trend is expected to continue, bringing about more sophisticated cures that will keep us alive for  longer than we ever hoped. “


As a Austhetician for 15 years, I had always been more interested in beauty rather than health, but Through years of experience and hundreds of clients, I’ve realized that all too often it is difficult to differentiate them. If we assume that health and beauty are the visible results of an even broader concept harmony – and are barraged daily by harmful factors such as stress, junk food,obesity and a sedentary lifestyle,  then our exteriors are a consequence of what is going on inside our bodies.”




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New innovative way of living


Coming soon to A’dora Health & Beauty Salon – SLIMZONE is an innovative company dedicated to stopping the roller-coaster ride of losing weight. The priority is to assist individuals to achieve their weight-loss goals.

is specifically formulated to assist with centimetre loss on areas such as hips, buttocks, tummy and thighs, whilst firming and contouring. This product is formulated with ALL natural ingredients and contains Vitamin E for skin hydration. Regular salon wrap treatments and the continuous use of the home maintenance product will a treat the appearance of cellulite.

· Boost energy levels due to improvement in body functions

· Firms and tones the skin

· Anti-Ageing properties

· Breaks down cellulite

· Improves blood circulation

· Improves metabolism and rids the body of toxins

· Detoxifying the body

· Improves regular bowels

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Managing Melanin

When we’re young, our skin is much better able to heal itself. I Remember when we were ten years old, a scrape or scratch would nearly disappear by the next day? As we get older, however, the time it takes skin to heal gradually stretches out, which means that damage can show on our skin for months at a time. Meanwhile, skin continues to face damaging elements, so it’s in a constant cycle of trying to heal itself—and may be less able to keep up with the demands. Pigmentation happens… WHY IS THIS….
As we go about our daily lives, there are several things that can damage the skin. These include:

Sun exposure—this is by far the number-one damaging element
Harsh weather elements (wind, rain, cold, heat)
Environmental pollution
Cigarette smoke
Exposure to harsh and drying chemicals in personal care products
Poor diet
Lack of exercise
Excessive use of alcohol and drugs
Chlorine in swimming pools
Bacteria, infections and medical trauma

All of these factors and more can lead to a breakdown in skin cells, which weakens the outer, protective layer, called the “epidermis.” Once this layer is weakened, cracked, and damaged, the skin becomes even more vulnerable to attack from bacteria, UV rays, pollution, and more. It also becomes less efficient at holding onto hydration and nutrients. This weakens the outer barrier of the skin.

The immune system comes into play here, as well. Just like your body needs nutrients, sleep, and stress relief to maintain a strong immune system, your skin requires the same tools to keep up with repair and protect itself from other damaging elements. The more damaged it is, however, the less able the immune system is able to keep up. In fact, the skin’s ability to self-repair can decline by more than 50 percent by middle age.

This difficult cycle means that skin damage shows up in your mirror. You’re likely to see these signs:

Dryness, flakiness, dullness
Fine lines and wrinkles
Hyperpigmentation, acne scars, sun spots
Moles and freckles
Sagging, bagging, loss of elasticity and firmness
Redness, swelling and inflammation
Rashes and allergic reactions
Visible blood vessels

Internal Ways to Encourage Skin Repair

Fortunately, there are ways to help repair and even reverse skin damage. The key is to take steps both internally and externally to support the skin’s own reparative systems. A few things you can do in your diet and lifestyle include:

Eat vitamin-C-rich foods like citrus fruits, mustard greens, spinach, and peppers.
Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, which shores up skin structure and increases firmness.
Eat more protein: Protein is key for rebuilding cells. Try fish, lean meats, eggs, tofu, beans, and nuts.
Turn up the zinc: Zinc aids the body in synthetizing protein, helps generate collagen for skin-tissue repair, and supports the immune system. Try fish, soybeans, whole-grain pastas, mushrooms, and egg yolks.
Cut out the junk: junk food isn’t good for your body, which means it’s not good for your skin. Too much sugar, salt, and trans fats all contribute to dryness and cell break down, resulting in premature aging and skin damage. Healthy foods show up on your skin!
Dandelion tea: This helps detox your system, and fewer toxins means fewer outbreaks of acne and other unattractive skin issues.
Drink plenty of water: Your skin needs it to stay hydrated from the inside out.
Reduce the chemicals: Check your foods and cleaning products for potentially harmful chemicals, and choose natural and organic items as often as you can to lower the toxic buildup in your system.
Exercise daily: Exercise is just as good for your body as it is for the rest of your skin, as it gets the blood pumping nutrients where they’re needed for skin repair. Plus, it naturally gives you a healthy glow.
Try meditation: Meditation, yoga, journaling, tai chi, art therapy, time with a pet, or whatever works for you to calm the body and mind.

External Ways to Encourage Skin Repair
What if you’re doing everything right as far as your diet and lifestyle goes, but you still have skin damage? (Most of us do, by the way!) Then, you need to turn to topical solutions to help reduce that skin damage and encourage skin to repair itself.
Fortunately, research has shown us that certain natural ingredients are stars when it comes to repairing, healing, and reversing skin damage. We’ll be talking more about these in future posts, but for now, here’s a quick glance:
Plant stem cells: These are truly on the cutting edge of new science in skin care. Research has found that some plant stem cells have the capacity to help stimulate the proliferation of human stem cells. That means that when they’re applied to human skin, they help stimulate new cell growth. These new cells then go to work repairing and restoring damaged tissues, creating smoother, softer, younger-looking skin!
Superoxide dismutase (SOD): This is a powerful enzyme found in skin that is key for the formation of “fibroblasts,” which are the cells that produce collagen and other connective fibers that give skin it’s shape and firmness. SOD is also a powerful antioxidant, and helps tame inflammation, which is one of the main things we need to do to make skin look younger.
Vitamin C: This is the ultimate anti-aging vitamin, not only because it’s a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from damage, but also because it’s critical in the formation of collagen, which helps smooth wrinkles and firm skin.
Lavender: This herb has shown in studies to encourage healing in skin, as well as to be effective against the bacteria that cause acne—both things that can help heal and prevent damaged skin. It’s also been shown in studies to inhibit the type of free radicals that cause damage from UVA/UVB radiation.
Sandalwood: This natural oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and astringent properties, which helps support skin repair and rejuvenation. It also has been shown to help fade age spots and reduce the appearance of wrinkles—and preliminary studies indicate it may help fight against skin cancer.
Uva Ursi: Also known as “bearberry,” this plant has been shown in studies to help shrink and tighten membranes in the body—which means that pores appear smaller. In turn, it helps reduce inflammation and fight infection (less acne). Even more exciting, however, is that this is a natural source of hydroquinone—a powerful lightening ingredient to help fade dark spots.
Licorice Root: Studies have shown that this herb is effective in treating rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis, and other skin eruptions because it’s so good at reducing redness and irritation. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, helping to control swelling, and can also provide a natural lightening action, reducing the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation.
Amla berry: This berry is a great source of vitamin C, which means it helps protect skin and repair oxidative damage. Amla berries also calm skin, shrink pores, and reduce acne breakouts, but most exciting is its ability to stimulate collagen production and restore skin firmness.
Seabuckthorn berry oil: This oil naturally relieves dry patches of skin, and is full of fatty acids that help restore plumpness and smoothness. It also has a reputation for helping to promote cell tissue regeneration, which is perfect for healing old wounds and restoring new skin tissue.

How Do I Get All These Benefits?
Of course, knowing which herbs and ingredients are likely to help repair skin damage and restore a more youthful appearance is all well and good, but then what do you do? Do you have to go out and buy all these ingredients yourself and try to figure out a way to mix them together?

Fortunately not! We have an exciting announcement for you— Regim A Skin Care is delighted to announce that they have launched a new improved PEEL 40%, 70%, 90% and there uniquely formulated homecare range is medically designed product made specifically for repairing the skin damage you’ve accumulated over the years.